Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Systems developed to automate, adapt and enhance vehicle systems for safety and better driving

Autosar Architecture

We as DAS platform, are providing Platform solutions to ADAS applications, such as Front Camera Module (FCM), Domain Control Unit (DCU) and Parking Control Unit (PCU).

We are currently working on legacy based Projects and these projects will be migrated to AutoSAR standards for better Reusability and modularity as per AutoSAR architecture.

Our Products

Parking Control Unit (PCU)

It is a part of driver assist system and used for parking assist. 12 Ultrasonic (6 front and 6 rear) sensors are connected to PCU. These sensors send the captured data for environment conditions.

PCU is connected to CAN channels and communicate to HMI and other Chassis components using CAN channels. It also communicates with Phantom AI(artificial intelligence) using CAN channel.

Front Camera Module (FCM)

It helps the driver to recognize the lane of the driving lane (LKA), Lane Departure warning (LDW), Driver Attention Assist (DAA) and High Beam Assist (HBA).

It involves various calibrations such as,

SPC : SPC stands for Service Point Calibration. SPC is a run time calibration for OEM service center

SPTAC : It stands for Single Pole Target Auto Calibration.It is for OEM service center
There is a standard target given by the OEMs to perform the calibration

TAC : It stands for Target Auto Calibration.It is the most accurate way of calibration.
It is for OEM assembly line. OEM can choose target i.e. one target, two target, square size, distance etc. according to requirement from each assembly factory

Domain Control Unit (DCU)

It is used to assist the driver to keep vehicle in a lane. It is connected to other Chassis ECUs using C-CAN network to send control information to actuators.

If deviated, then alarms the driver. DCU process data received from sensors (Camera/Radar) using CAN channel.