Tool Development


Main work area of tool team is to develop PC based tools with simpler and user friendly GUI. We are basically Converting the manual Embedded development and Validation work by implementing process in PC based tool.

Our team is better competent with new updates and alternate technologies available in the market. We believe in our capacity to design and develop your ideas where language is irrelevant!! We are developing tool to enhance the efficiency of ECU Software development of Brake products (ESC, EPB, IDB, MOCi) , Steering(EPS,RWS) ,ECS(SDC) , WG (OBC) ADAS(DCU10). Our main users ECU SW development and Validation engineers, OEMs,3rd part Suppliers and Workshop technicians.

Our Products

  • SW Flashing/Reprogramming
  • UDS-CAN Diagnostics based on ASAM ODX
  • ECU Parameter Calibration based
  • A2L based Variable Measurement

eMIDAS Diagnostic Window

Map Tuning

Curve Tuning

Software Generation Tools
  • HL MANDO AUTOSAR SW template
  • AUTOSAR Diagram generation(MIT)
  • AUTOSAR Configuration editor
  • EEM, Proxy, ByCom, CANm SW




Software Validation Tools
  • SILS Environment Validation(CGVT)
  • Vehicle CAN Signal Validation(CSVT)
  • EEM SW Validation
  • Ground Truth for ADAS Verification
  • CAN Interface Tool

GT Tool