Software Development

MSI SW department works together with HL Mando Korea and other subsidiaries for developing different software modules in various products like Brakes, Steering, ADAS & Suspension.

Main Work Area
  • Bootloader SW( Normal & Secure)
  • Communication & Diagnostic SW
  • Actuator and sensors Control logic
  • Basic SW modules
  • Simulink modelling & SILS environment
Key SW technologies
  • AutoSAR architecture based SW
  • Cyber security to secure the in-vehicle communication
  • Functional safety requirements of various OEMs
SW Development Compliances
  • CMMI
  • ISO 26262
SW Automation
  • Scripting based on Python / CAPL etc.
  • Automated Code generation
  • Automated SILS testing

Our Products


Colum Electric Power Steering : Column Assist EPS integrates the system electronics (motor, controller and sensor) and the assist mechanism with the steering column. Column Assist EPS offers both brush and brushless motors.Brush Column Assist EPS for entry-level vehicles and emerging markets


Rear Wheel Steering : It’s one of those features that has popped up a few times over the years but was usually ahead of its time. Or at least ahead of the complexity required and the engineering cost to make it reliable. But that hasn’t stopped automakers from trying it. Over and over and over. There are a few different effects from steering the rear wheels. Increased stability, improved maneuverability, a decreased turning radius.


Steer By Wire : Steer-by-Wire (SbW) systems are a further development of today’s electric power steering systems. There is no continuous mechanical link between the steering wheel and the road wheels. The steering command is transmitted purely electrically. An actuator on the steering wheel produces the necessary steering torque (feedback actuator) to create an authentic steering feel for the driver.


Rack Electric Power Steering : It is designed for heavier vehicles to handle higher front-axle loads and optimize packaging space. These systems are capable of steering mid-sized vehicles, all the way up to full size trucks

ShBW (Shift by Wire)

Shift by Wire ECU controls the angular position of DC motor, It shifts the R, P, N & D positions on the transmission while driver manipulates E-Shifter in the drivers seat. E-Shifter and SBW are connected via CAN Communication network.

New Horizon (NH)

The New Horizon ECU controls the hub motor/center motor along with performing the entire electric motorcycle system operation (brake input, throttle input, etc.)