Hardware Development

Automotive ECU

An Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is any embedded system in automotive electronics that controls one or more of the electrical systems or subsystems in a vehicle.

We are working on Automotive ECU which are mostly concerned with safety of vehicle and human life.
Brake , Steering , Suspension , ADAS , Electric vehicle ECUs are our major development areas.

We perform complete hardware development lifecycle which includes designing an ECU from a conceptual idea to mass production following ISO26262 functional safety process.

We have a complete team of expert engineers involved in concept design, circuit development, PCB development , Housing development , EMC & thermal analysis as well.

ECU Hardware Development

ECU HW development mainly focuses on Circuit development cycle. It starts from conceptualizing of hardware architecture to testing of DV samples to supporting in vehicle testing adhering to functional safety standards ISO26262.

Main Work Area
ECU Development
  • Hardware Architecture
  • Circuit design & BOM
  • System level simulation
  • Proto Sample development
  • Hardware Unit & Integration test
Hardware Validation
  • Create virtual car environment for ECU
  • Automate test cases for ECU Validation
  • Semiconductor Validation
  • Engineering Test
  • Fault Injection Test

Fault Injection Test set up

Hardware Functional Safety
  • HARA – Analyze ASIL level
  • FMEA - Analyze safety hazards-RPN
  • FMEDA - Hardware architecture metrics
  • FTA - Random Hardware Failures-PMHF
Main Project
Brake System
  • Integrated Dynamic Brake
  • Integrated Dynamic Brake with Redundancy
  • Integrated Dynamic Brake with Parking Lock
  • Integrated Dynamic Brake with Park by Brake
BMS ECU development
  • Inverter ECU with 2.8kW, 9kW
  • Hub Motor design and analysis
  • Center Motor design and analysis
Hub_motor Inverter ECU

Inverter ECU

Upcoming Technology & Innovations
Electric vehicle
  • Working with MDK on EV vehicle ECU design for Fully & Hybrid Electric vehicles
  • System simulation of EV vehicle
semiconductor validation
  • Enhance vaidation capibity for high performance devices
  • Secure semiconductor reliablity technology

PCB Design

PCB Design

PCB Team co works with Global HL Mando subsidiaries (MDK,HL MSI, MRE) to make best in class PCBs. PCB is designed considering all Electrical (DFE, EMC/EMI, ESD), Mechanical (PCB 3D Model, Housing Interference), Thermal and Fabrication/Assembly (DFM, DFA) requirements.

Main Work Area
PCB Design
  • Mass Product Design based on Automotive Environments
  • Compliance to IPC and Automotive standards
  • Global HL Mando PCB Specs
  • PCB 3D step modeling
  • Rigid-Flex, Ceramic, Embedded PCB Design
Library Database Management
  • Electronic parts creation and update
  • Centralized Database Management
  • Parts Mechanical and Electrical information
PCB Verification
  • DFM Verification
  • DFE Verification
  • CAM Verification
  • PCB trace current carrying capacity calculation
PCB Fabrication
  • Assembly Data
  • CAM Data
  • Stencil Data
  • ICT JIG Data
Main Products
Mass Product PCB Design
  • Brakes (MoCi, ESCi, IDB, EMB)
  • Steering (CEPS, REPS)
  • Suspension (SDC, SCU)
Advanced PCB design
  • Gate Diver, Logic Card
  • Integrated Deisgn (MoC+SDC, MOC+ABS)
  • Low Cost Design ( MoCi Next Generation, RCU)
  • Robot & Parking Platform (48V Robots)

EMC Analysis

EMC Simulation

The increase in electronics activity has posed potential electromagnetic interference (EMI) hazards for sensitive electrical and electronics equipment used in many areas.

EMI/EMC analysis in the development process of the product / system in order to identify critical issues and fix them in the beginning. Our EMC team engineers bring strong knowledge in SI theory and expertise in simulation tools to Analyze various SI/PI issues like reflection due to impedance mismatch, crosstalk, signal attenuation and PDN noise, including conducted & radiated emission noise. The analysis is carried out in pre and post-layout analysis. EMI/EMC includes project execution experience of building concepts of EMI/EMC, EMI source, Automotive Standards (CISPR25), Control Techniques, Measurements and providing competent EMI/EMC design solutions, and optimization early in the development cycle.

Main Work Area
  • Signal Integrity Analysis (SI Analysis)
  • Power Integrity Analysis (PI Analysis)
  • Conducted Emission Analysis
  • Radiated Emission Analysis
  • Parasitic RLGC Extraction
  • Radiated Immunity/Susceptibility Analysis
Upcoming Technology & Innovation
  • Conducted Immunity/Susceptibility Analysis
  • Transient immunity & Transient emission

Thermal Analysis

Thermal Simulation

Thermal Analysis team is responsible for Thermal, CFD, Thermal Stress analysis of ECU and Motor design. Aim is to improve heat dissipation performance and reduce the risk of failure due to temperature rise.

Main Work Area
  • Thermal analysis of ECUs at component level, PCB level and system level.
  • CFD analysis to check fluid flow
  • Thermal-stress simulation to check failure of the system due to stress generated by temperature
  • Electro-thermal simulation
Upcoming Technology & Innovation
  • Electro-thermal simulation
  • Thermo-mechanical simulation
  • Thermal simulation of battery management system

Housing Development

ECU Housing

Stress on pcb assembly

Stress on pcb assembly

Housing design team is responsible for design of ECUs exterior case or enclosure used to protect an interior mechanism, including motor housing & its components. Aim is to optimize design to reduce weight and cost of the product as per the market trend.

Main Work Area
Housing Design
  • 3D architecture of ECU housing and Motor parts such as rotor, stator, magnet, shaft, core, housing, terminal, etc
  • Detailed drawings to describe each part structure for the manufacturing
  • 2D drawings
  • PCB mechanical interference check
  • Selection of the material based on the application
  • Design validation based on the manufacturing process and material
Upcoming Technology & Innovation
  • Burst analysis due to pressure
  • Topology optimization.
  • Creep test for plastic assemblies
ECUs Structural Analysis
  • Housing stress & Strain analysis
  • Deformation analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Shock & drop test analysis


Participated in Halla Future day in 2019 & 2020
  • Black Box (2019) : Got 4th position award at Global HL Mando
  • V2V Communication System : Appreciated by Global HL Mando Selection Team
Developed Simulators for ECU testing
  • SDC Simulator
  • MHI Simulator